Nothing Can Be Stolen From Me

“Behold, my Servant, whom I uphold!”


God the Father upheld His Son through all His days on earth.  No force of evil was able to disrupt Christ’s work.  When the people wanted to crown Him king, he escaped.  When they raged against him to kill him, he avoided them as well.  His time had not yet come.

How comforting to know that God holds all my times in His hands.  Not until my “time has come” will I come to the end of my life.  It is easier to devote myself to the small work of each day knowing that all of my life, including my dreams, is held safely in His hands.  Like Moses, I can serve without fear in Midian, knowing that , if I have a larger calling later, it will come and I will be ready for it.  God upholds me.  Time, age, and disease cannot steal from me the”works God has prepared in advance for [me] to do.”


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