From the Bottom of My Heart

This weekend had Fresno in the crosshairs of the gay-marriage debate.  Apparently the Central Valley has many hold-outs against this idea and activists were out to change some minds.  I don’t know if they succeeded but I know it prompted me to consider my own feelings and convictions on the matter.  Though, on the surface their arguments are compelling with thoughts of “equality” and “love for all”, I feel the the idea of gay marriage holds implications for our communities that must not be overlooked.

The most obvious problem is that of the children.  Gay marriage ceases to be about two consenting adults when a child is brought into that home, unconsenting, into a situation not even Mother Nature could possibly allow for.  This, to me, is the single greatest argument against gay-marriage.  I do believe, even now, unfortunately, children are placed in such homes.  For that, the government and these couples must give account.  Jesus Christ gave one of His most fearful warnings to those who corrupt children.

Woe to the world because of stumbling blocks!  It is necessary that stumbling blocks come, but woe to the person through whom they come.”  Matthew18:5-7

Secondly, when we honor one type of sexual diversion from the norm, we open the gate to many more perversions.  An entire smorgasbord of fettishes stand on the sidelines waiting for societal approval.  If we can’t decide that there is a standard for marriage, then there is nothing to say that anything is else is abnormal.  It will be as the Bible says, 

The wicked will freely strut about when what is vile is honored among men.  Psalm 12:8


This is not hate speech.  This is free speech.  I don’t hate homosexuals.  I say that from the bottom of my heart.  You may think my heart is shallow–not to endorse gay-marriage.  On the contrary, it is enlarged by concern for all involved, the homosexual, the children, and our communities.


14 thoughts on “From the Bottom of My Heart

  1. The comparison of same sex marriage with “an entire smorgasboard of fettishes” (i.e. incest, bestiality, etc.) is common but it is also misguided and essentially intended to degrade same sex relationships. For most (but apparently not you), it is very difficult to fathom how one really “fails to see” the difference between “fettishes” and the relationships of a same sex couple. Do you know of any same sex relationships, and if you do, can you honestly compare those relationships with bestiality or incest?

    I do believe that your intent is not hate speech … however, I sincerely detect ignorance masked as “concern”.

    As far as children is concerned, I truly believe that there is not enough love in the world. From the bottom of my heart, I truly believe that the barometer for good parenting is not sex, but the love. (This also applies to any relationship.)

  2. I do not support bestiality and incest . And to compare those “fettishes” with same-sex relationships is misguided and degrading. (From a “do unto others” perspective, try to picture someone comparing your relationship on a scale of “fettishes” and imagine how that might feel.)

    I guess what I am saying is, when looking at same-sex relationships, look beyond the “sex” and focus on the loving aspect of the relationship.

    • That is highly debatable. I’m sure there are many people in incestuous relationships that say they love each other. And I’m sure many people love their dogs. How can you speak for them? How can you judge their hearts?

  3. So you’re arguing that incest and bestiality has something to do with love? And that this love is comparable to same-sex relationships?

    • What do you say to those people who love the objects of their sexual desires–be they animals or family members?

  4. If they are animals and family members, then I would say that having sex with them has nothing to do with thier love for them (and quite the opposite).

  5. You can’t judge their hearts. There have been, and are, incestuous couples who sincerely love each other. Therefore, if the presence of love is the factor that determines if a behavior is acceptable, you must not be against it. It is unfair to say same-sex couples are better than them.

  6. Dear Lucas,

    I wanted to explore the difficulties of making decisions within a paradigm of relativity. Just looking at “the love” rather than the “sex” of a same sex relationship is not a compelling argument for me–for reasons stated above.

    Thank you for engaging in an honest conversation. I admire that.

    Now it is fair that I answer one of your questions–perhaps the hardest one because the answer sounds harsh, as perhaps it is. You asked me if I compare bestial and incestual relationships with same-sex ones. I combine them into a category of sex outside of God’s design. However, I do not categorize the participants of such behaviors separately from myself. I have my own behaviors which are sin in the eyes of God, including battles with sexual purity. I have committed gross sins and would put my list up against anyone’s anytime of day. None of us are any better than one another.

    I arrive at these conclusions because I take the Bible as my guide for life, given to me by Someone wise enough to create the universe in such an outstanding fashion. So, for me, there are moral absolutes; there for our benefit. Man’s “heart is decietful above all things and depeserately wicked.” Therefore, I don’t trust in my own feelings. Many a person has followed their heart and affections to a sad end.

    So, it is a case of “never the twain shall meet.”
    There will always be people who believe in absolutes and others who prefer the uncharted waters of relativism. If you are one of those, are you sure? I say this because you are a creation of the Lord’s. He loves you and I think you have infinite value because you are created in His image. There’s lots of reasons to be convinced in the validity of the Bible. It wasn’t until my adulthood that I studied it enough to really be impressed with the incredibleness of it. I don’t like everything it says…but I love that God loved me enough to tell me anyway. I have found joy and peace in becoming one who follows Christ.

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