Why God Makes Children Cute…

One of my precious neices!

One of my precious nieces!

The power went out two days ago at our house.  (For some reason, 9/10th of an inch of rain wreaks havoc on Fresno’s infastructure.)  In getting ready to take Thoughtful to robotics, I discovered I couldn’t find my keys.  Racing against the setting sun, with flashlight in hand, my whole family and I turned the house inside out looking for them.  I don’t know why, but my Prince Charming went outside to look and…..found them in the flower bed!  After a slight pause, everyone arrived at the same conclusion.  Nephew#4…who happens to be four.  We all smiled but couldn’t help wondering, if PCharming hadn’t seen the keys lying there, who  would have ever found them?  Or who might have?  Anyhow…good thing nevvie#4 is super cute.  I think I’ll give him a cookie when I see him next!