A Dream Came True Today

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Lone rose in the wind

I dreamed housewifely little dreams when I was little.  I always wanted many children around me and a sweet little home.  As I grew older I added more details to those aspirations.  One of them was a picture of myself, with the children off to school, enjoying a quiet moment looking out the window at some flowers in a rocking chair savoring a cup of coffee. 

Only one thing happened.  The children never went to school.  God designed a different path for our family.  Part of my adjustment  to homeschoolong involved ammending my expectations. 

But guess what!  Today, 13 years after the birth our first child, my small dream came true.  The  kids are all in choir/classes for an hour and I am home alone, with a cup of coffee, in a rockng chair, watching my roses dance in the wind.  More of these days are in my future.  The children are growing fast and home is no longer their only world.  I’m glad God dreams bigger things for us than we do for ourselves.  Following his path for us has given me more than I planned to ever have.  And He threw my little dream into the bargain, as well.