Jesus is my Prince Charming, but I am the Frog

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Me...the frog princess

I’ve always liked fairytales.  Especially the Cinderella type.  Someone with no prospects becomes enriched by the benevolence of another, usually because of love.  Only the frog is a little different.  He wasn’t lovely like Sleeping Beauty or Snow White.  He was trapped in his warty exterior until he could convince someone to give him a kiss.  Like that frog, I’m lost within my own self and am powerless to do anything about it.  But Jesus came along and loved me.  He released me from the guilt and penalty of my sin.  It has changed me a thousand times.  Now I’m not a frog, I am a child of God!  Day by day, I see Him erasing bits of my “frogginess” away.  What an amazing thing –to be changed!