The Man in My Life


Much is made of Christ’s divinity but how often do I reflect on what His humanity has done for us?  His humanity means that, for a time, we saw the fullness of God among us.  We saw His heart, His confidence, His mercy, His pain.  We saw what it means to live a life of following the Father.  His humanity also means that the cost of human failure was paid for by the sacrifice of a sinless human life.  He is the man we needed. 

In the account of the lame man by the pool of Bethesda, the crippled man explains to Jesus, “Lord, I do not have a man, that when the water is agitated he may throw me into the pool [to be healed].”  John 5:7  Hearing this, Jesus healed him. This is exactly what Jesus came to be…the only man who can do what we and no one else can do.  Heal us.  He is our man.


One thought on “The Man in My Life

  1. Hi Elizabeth,
    Great insight. I’m glad your enjoying the study. So am I.
    See you on Monday night.
    Have a blessed week.
    Michelle Brumfield

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