Simplicity in Scrapbooking? Is That Possible?

If you read my last post in “Home” you will know that I am on a serious mission to simplify my home.  So far I have only applied this to my wardrobe.  My next mission was to pare down my cosmetics but the opportunity to explore and change a new area of my life has presented itself before I was able to banish my extra lipsticks and eyeshadows.  They breathe a sigh of relief but their time is short!

So here is what I get to check out today. Digital scrapbooking. If this new method seems feasible it could be a real boon for moms everywhere. No more tables full of scraps of papers and unorganized photos, tape, glue, and brads.  No more three-hour marathons necessary.  Theoretically a mom should be able to lay the children down for a nap, open the program, crop and place photos, arrange digital embellishments and print the results without digging through closets and folders for that evasive tool, lettering, or sticker. This means I can work for 15 minutes or an hour. I could even make use of time away from home if I keep my laptop handy. This sounds pretty fantastic!

Sooo….I’m going to a digital workshop this afternoon to see if digital scrapbooking can become a real tool toward simplifying an important job close to all mother’s hearts….keeping a chronicle of her familys’ lives. After all, life is hard and the good times are blessings to thank our Lord for and to remember!


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