Two Thumbs Up From Me!

Ok.  Here’s the up-shot of my experience at the digital scrapbooking class I attended last Saturday.  Two thumbs up!…and Wow!  Digital scrapping is a true simplification of a pastime usually known for swallowing dining room tables whole and for biting off large portions of the day.  The beast has been routed.  I bought some software for a modest amount and now I have the basics needed to sit down at my tiny desk and crop, place, and embellish.  No mess.  If I’m interrupted (which is inevitable with four children) I can click save and come back to it tomorrow.  My room stays clean and my time is productive from the get-go.  I can be frugal and use only what the software provides, which is just darling.  Sooo….I am more than very pleased.  Another aspect of my life simplified!  Lipsticks, here I come!


2 thoughts on “Two Thumbs Up From Me!

  1. Hi Carrie! I am using Creative Memories’ software. I think it is super but I haven’t compared it to others. See you soon!

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