Surprising Revelation

My daughter and I have a tradition on Sunday mornings. We go to Starbucks before church starts and go over something we are reading together.  It only amounts to about 30-45 minutes of talk-time but we have both come to love it. Granted, I love it after I’m out of bed, dressed, and holding a hot beverage in my hand.

Our latest project is a Bible study of Revelation. She really wanted to do it and I wondered how this would work, since I’ve hardly studied it myself or heard many sermons about the book. Providentially, we picked up a simple study that really is making this book of the Bible and enjoyable study.  So, while the potatoes and eggs cool for my potato salad, I’ll share how I’ve been surprised by Revelation, so far.

I loved how Jesus is pictured as “walking among the lampstands”, which are the churches of God. How special to know that He is still so close to us, even today. He is among His own. Something about that truth warms my heart. The message to the church in Ephesus was troubling, though. Jesus saw their works yet was not pleased because they had forsaken their first love. I wondered what that looks like fleshed out. I wondered if I was a little like that. I think it is easy for me to focus so much on the work that needs to be done, that the work becomes my chief concern rather than the Person for whom I want to work.  Jesus admonishes them to do as they did in the beginning. For me, I’m not sure quite what that will look like in my life. All I know is that, to Christ, our love is most important, more important than anything.


Into Arabia…or Antarctica

Have you ever had one of those days when, as a mother, you wonder why you even bother to leave the house?  I mean, there is so much work to be done you feel like you might as well do like some Japanese and set up home at the office.  Oh, wait, my home IS my office.  I’m not complaining because so much work has to be done, I’m just amazed at how much needs to be done.  I’m beginning to see why, in the old days, housekeeping was considered as occupation.  It truly is one.

I’m really glad that I volunteered outside the home when my kids were younger.  Back then, their needs were simpler.  Hugs, a bedtime story, good food and the park made the day complete.  Now its a different kind of work and I’m OLDER!  I even have a few strands of silver (not gray) to prove it! I honestly don’t see myself able to do much more than meet the needs of my children and husband right now.  It’s going to take all my energy to school four grades, economize, and keep three healthy meals coming daily.  No small feat when it’s done between driving the kids or myself to necessary classes and meetings.

But why should I be surprised at the work it takes to bring up a family and to care for my husband?  It’s the most natural thing in the world.  Granted, such HARD work is due to the fall of man, but just observing my little finches raise their young showed me how much energy animals put into raising offspring.  I’m afraid, my dear friends, that you can consider me somewhat of an emperor penguin.  I’m balancing my precious egg on my feet and am pretty grounded at the moment.  If I move too much it may roll off and freeze.

The Apostle Paul spent eleven quiet years working in Arabia.  I have ten years  left before I graduate my youngest child.  I hope that, like Paul, after my time in my own Arabia God will grant me many years to do all the things I want to do for my church family and community that I can’t do now.