Dad-Hero Times Three

Is it rude to say, “My dad is cooler than yours”? I suppose I could say, “My dad’s the best” and it would sound better. Either way, I’m pretty sure my pop is tops. Let me tell you why he is so awesome.

You see, my dad gave me life three times. Yes. He’s triple cool. First of all, he gave me, with mom’s help, my physical life. He always wanted a large family and it feels neat to have been the first child he ever had. Like any first-time parent, I’m sure my arrival was a watershed event for him. But he got more than he anticipated with me. I came with a few problems—some pretty glaring ones.

In the days before ultrasound, parents couldn’t prepare themselves for a child with birth defects. It must have been shocking experience. In my case, I came with a cleft lip and palate—a defect right in the middle of my face—the first thing every parent longs to see of their child’s. At some point, soon afterwards, my parents were approached with the option of relinquishment. They could send me “somewhere” if they wanted to. That’s when dad gave me life a second time. He kept me. I’m so glad. He gave me love and a home and a lot few er issues to deal with.

The last life he gave me was the best of all. In his own relentless search for truth, he introduced me to my Lord Jesus Christ. Through him I found my Eternal Father and salvation. He put me in the path of truth and, by the grace of God, my heart comprehended it.

Dad, you are a life-shaper as surely as Michelangelo carved the David. The stonework of my very self was formed by your decisions. You are my hero and now everyone can see why.


A Little Wiser for the Wear…

Satan has blown his cover. I now know to expect something– a broken appliance, a swarm of insects, some bizarre health issue, to be thrown in my path as soon as I determine to wake up early and follow a plan that will lead me into more productivity as a mom and teacher. It’s happened one too many times to be coincidental. Two days ago, I found myself staring at the ceiling, unable to move because my neck and back were “thrown out”. So much for 15 minutes in the yard, a walk on the treadmill, and an early quiet time in my favorite chair. Our three week break had ended and I had planned to start Language Arts lessons again. Now, I was just hoping to be able to get up out of bed.

But really, why should I be surprised? If I stop to think about it, this is nothing new. After all, how could I forget my very first day homeschooling. Ah, yes, I remember waking that sunny morning in September to see a virtual highway of ants wending their way through my living room and into my kitchen. I mean millions. It would have been amazing if I hadn’t had a plan for my day, an infant to care for, and a toddler and a preschooler wanted to play with them all.

I am learning to take these almost predictable snafus almost as a compliment. Apparently, my work as a mother and teacher is significant enough to warrant a little opposition.  And it is really small stuff. I’m not enduring opposition in my work like my brothers and sisters in other countries. But still, these little hassles have the power to waylay my good intentions and attitudes. They have often done just that. But now I am more determined than ever to stay the course when these moments come. After all, God does allow them to happen.

I’m happy to report that I did manage to get out of bed by 8:30 and Language Arts lessons did get done. And guess what? My kids got to complete a lesson I hadn’t planned for the day… making lunch and dinner!

“In all things God works for the good of those that love Him and are called according to His purpose.”