Dad-Hero Times Three

Is it rude to say, “My dad is cooler than yours”? I suppose I could say, “My dad’s the best” and it would sound better. Either way, I’m pretty sure my pop is tops. Let me tell you why he is so awesome.

You see, my dad gave me life three times. Yes. He’s triple cool. First of all, he gave me, with mom’s help, my physical life. He always wanted a large family and it feels neat to have been the first child he ever had. Like any first-time parent, I’m sure my arrival was a watershed event for him. But he got more than he anticipated with me. I came with a few problems—some pretty glaring ones.

In the days before ultrasound, parents couldn’t prepare themselves for a child with birth defects. It must have been shocking experience. In my case, I came with a cleft lip and palate—a defect right in the middle of my face—the first thing every parent longs to see of their child’s. At some point, soon afterwards, my parents were approached with the option of relinquishment. They could send me “somewhere” if they wanted to. That’s when dad gave me life a second time. He kept me. I’m so glad. He gave me love and a home and a lot few er issues to deal with.

The last life he gave me was the best of all. In his own relentless search for truth, he introduced me to my Lord Jesus Christ. Through him I found my Eternal Father and salvation. He put me in the path of truth and, by the grace of God, my heart comprehended it.

Dad, you are a life-shaper as surely as Michelangelo carved the David. The stonework of my very self was formed by your decisions. You are my hero and now everyone can see why.


2 thoughts on “Dad-Hero Times Three

  1. My dad is a hero times three too!

    He gave me life (with the help of my mom)
    He led me to Jesus who gave me eternal life
    … and he taught me how to die with dignity.
    (Cancer killed him last year.)

    Thanks for the timeliness of this post, Elizabeth!
    Today would have been my dad’s birthday.


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