Observation of the Week

Having opinions can be very inconvenient.


Temptation and Trials

Much of life is a trial and in it, Satan tempts me. This truth settled itself into my heart two weeks ago, as I listened to some amazing preaching at Mount Hermon. How true this is and how great it is to be aware of it. Forewarned is forearmed. Satan waits until the pasta boils over and the kids are fighting to tell me lies. His lies usually sound something like, “You deserve it”, “What’s the use?”, “If only you had a bigger house, a bigger paycheck, a different body, it would all be better.” The harder the trials I am experiencing, the quicker I capitulate. But now I know what’s going on and I know that Jesus can give me the grace to see Satan’s lies before I buy them–hook, line, and sinker. And if the help comes from Jesus that means victory comes down to prayer, to calling on the name of the Lord.

“Calling on the name of the Lord” resonates with me. It evokes and different image in my mind than the image of simply “praying”. It seems to imply a degree of desperation. We call for help. I’ve begun calling on Him when I’m picking up spilled rice five minutes before I have to leave the house, when a child’s surly attitude starts to affect my own, when I feel too tired to make another meal. I know Jesus will help me because He promises to answer all requests made according to the will of God. I know it is His will for me to be patient, hopeful and faithful. So, Jesus, I call upon you for help this week, not only for myself but for my brothers and sisters in Christ who travel this weary road towards rest in Your arms.