Surrender Your Darlings

It’s an adage among writers.  You may have something that you wrote which you love, but you might just have to get rid of it if it doesn’t fit, please, or sell.  In other words, don’t consider something sacred if it gets in the way of progress.

Hezekiah illustrated this well for me this morning.  In 2Kings 18:4 I  read that he “broke in pieces the bronze serpent that Moses had made, for until those day the people of Israel had made offerings to it.”

The nation treasured that snake.  Wouldn’t I?  It was made by Moses himself, the prophet who led them out of Egypt, and, by the power of God, gave them the Law and some of the most amazing miracles ever.  But Hezekiah knew he needed to destroy it.  It had become an object of idolatry.

My take away–nothing is as important as God Himself, not even the special places, things, and work that He has brought into my life.  Make me ever like Mary, Lord, who chose the “better part” and sat before you while you were before her.


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