Dare to Be Less Than You Can Be

It’s sounds un-American. It almost sounds sacrilegious. From Disney’s nothing-is-impossible-if you-can-dream-it to the U.S. Army’s classic “Be All That You Can Be”, America’s the place where you can reach your goal if you only work hard enough. It’s what makes us the greatest nation in the world. Right?

But what if being all that we can be isn’t the real goal after all? What if it’s about being what God asks us to be. Mother Teresa came from an educated family and excelled in teaching. Why should she give up using those talents and benefits and commit the rest of her life picking up nearly dead humans from the street and feeding them a few mouthfuls of gruel before they passed away? But God asked her to go, and she did. We all know the rest. Perhaps greatness in God’s kingdom is about fulfilling His desires for us where He has placed us. Not in cultivating our deepest desires and most obvious talents.

Don’t get me wrong, though. God gives us our talents for His glory. But sometimes, and I would propose most often, the development of these talents, for a true Christian, will look, to the unbelieving world, less than optimal. That’s because for the Christian, the use of our talents is about forwarding His work here on earth, not about triumphantly making it to the top of the hill. Isn’t that what Christ did, anyhow? He could have done a lot more than teach 12 men. He could have turned stones to bread as Satan had tempted Him to do. But He didn’t. He did less than He could. Instead He did what God asked Him to do. And make no mistake–someday we will see everything Jesus can do–when the time is right. That goes for us to. The new heaven and the new earth will be an amazing place where human potential can flourish as God truly intended.

That’s why we have dreams of doing more than we could ever accomplish, by the way. Dreams are the the soul remembering that it is immortal. And when that time comes we will be all that we can be!


3 thoughts on “Dare to Be Less Than You Can Be

  1. A very needed word. Sometimes our desire to hone our gifts for God’s glory and not waste ourselves in usually selfishness and vanity. Thanks. Very convicting.

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