A Girl and Her God

It is said that there are more stars in our ever expanding sky then grains of sand on the earth.
And on our earth, so small and fragile lying in the vast universe,
On one of it’s beaches on top of a few grains of sands stands a girl
With two feet, supporting two legs, holding up one body, containing one heart.
One small heart, alone in the huge universe, beating a faint rhythm.
And on that heart, written in words only seen by the soul is
The Word
and The Word  says this:
     “I love you.”
          “If you love me”, the girl replies, “seize my heart and order it.
          Order it as you have ordered the stars, moon, land and waters.
          Calm it as you do the storms.
          Devour it’s wretched longings as the red sea devoured your enemies.
          Purge it  from it’s wild emptiness.
          Mold it as you molded man from dust.”
And the Creator of every star in the ever expanding universe
reached through time,  galaxies, and sin
and seized her small heart.
The heart that was created by Him to glorify Him;
the heart whose faint rhythm was set  by Him
was now in His hands.
—Rebecca Varpness
     September 2012

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