The Faith To Be Content

MP900405586“But godliness with contentment is great gain…” I Timothy 6:6

I have always considered myself a fairly content person. I don’t need a big house, lots of clothes or expensive vacations to feel very grateful for the life I have. I’m pretty good at delighting in simple pleasures so I was a little surprised to find that God was going to challenge me in this area.

You see, this year our budget got a buzz cut—-a you-can-see-the scalp hairdo. So my world needs to change and now it’s not just extra things that need to go–but some really good things I always hoped we could manage to afford. It’s going to be a strange experience and it’s going to take faith. Funny. Faith is something so often invoked at the outset of grand adventures. I’m going to need it for exactly the opposite purpose. I’m going to need to have the faith to let things go. So will my kids. We will need to have faith that following God’s plan is enough, that living within our means pleases God, that God will give us what we really need, and that He has our best interests as His children always before Him.

In short, do I believe what God says about Himself?

From the pulpit, we often hear about people who’ve taken great leaps of faith, who despite a lack of resources have reached out and obeyed God’s call to serve. Those are awesome stories. I don’t know if downsizing has quite the same romantic appeal. Maybe you could call it the anti-adventure.

Well, hunkering down and living within one’s means may not be exciting, per se, but because it pleases Christ, I know we will be better off for doing it.”

“Trust in the Lord and do good; dwell in the land and enjoy safe pasture.” Psalms 37


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