My Favorite Advent Calendar!



Today’s December 1st and if you haven’t already bought an advent calendar, I just have to share my all-time favorite one with you! In fact, this advent calendar is so charming it’s worth having two! Kids will love it, but I suspect moms will be the ones playing on it most of the time ūüėČ

My mother sent me one years ago and since then I have looked forward to getting these for myself ūüėČ ¬†…Oh, yes..and for my friends and family.

Every year, Jacquie Lawson creates an interactive and uber-charming Christmas wonderland. In her world there is something to explore, discover, learn, or create everyday of December. If you leave it open, this calendar will even serenade you with some classical Christmas music.

Her attention to detail makes this calendar super-fun. The town clock is always set to the  time where you live and if the sun is down in your real world, it is in your advent world too!

The link below will take you to her site’s webpage where you can see a demo of this year’s calendar, which has a Victorian theme.

I just had to share this happy bit of Christmas-time that I love!

Click here to preview! Advent Calendar


Hidden Times

The times when life slows me down, when all but essential tasks must be thrown aside, these are times of deep inner growth. In these hidden times I begin to comprehend that I am loved by God, not because of what I do, but because I am and because He has set His love upon me.

Two Thumbs Up From Me!

Ok.¬† Here’s the up-shot of my experience¬†at the digital scrapbooking¬†class I attended last Saturday.¬† Two thumbs up!…and Wow!¬† Digital scrapping is a true simplification of a pastime¬†usually known for¬†swallowing dining room tables whole and for biting off large portions of the day.¬† The beast has been routed.¬† I bought some software for a modest amount and now I have the basics needed to sit down at my tiny desk and crop, place, and embellish.¬† No mess.¬† If I’m interrupted (which is inevitable with four children) I can click save and come back to it tomorrow.¬† My room stays clean and my time is productive from the get-go.¬† I can be frugal and use only what¬†the software provides, which is just darling.¬† Sooo….I am more than very pleased.¬† Another aspect of my life simplified!¬† Lipsticks, here I come!

Simplicity in Scrapbooking? Is That Possible?

If you read my last post in “Home”¬†you will know that I am on a serious mission to simplify my home.¬† So far I have only applied this to my wardrobe. ¬†My next mission was to pare down my cosmetics but the opportunity to explore and change a new area of my life has presented itself before I was able to banish my extra lipsticks and eyeshadows.¬† They breathe a sigh of relief but their time is short!

So here is what I get to check out today. Digital scrapbooking. If this new method seems feasible it could be a real boon for moms everywhere. No more tables full of scraps of papers and unorganized photos, tape, glue, and brads.  No more three-hour marathons necessary.  Theoretically a mom should be able to lay the children down for a nap, open the program, crop and place photos, arrange digital embellishments and print the results without digging through closets and folders for that evasive tool, lettering, or sticker. This means I can work for 15 minutes or an hour. I could even make use of time away from home if I keep my laptop handy. This sounds pretty fantastic!

Sooo….I’m going to a digital workshop this afternoon to see if digital scrapbooking can become a real tool toward simplifying an important job close to all mother’s hearts….keeping a chronicle of her familys’ lives. After all, life is hard and the good times are blessings to thank our Lord for and to remember!

2010: Quest for Simplicity

I have decided to embark on a great experiment. I want to find out the answer to a nagging question. How much can I simplify my household and how will that affect my ability to love others better? Two events have prompted me to finally try to pare things down. One was the inescapable impression during family camp at Mount Hermon that it would take sacrifice to accomplish the work of the next few years. My kids are growing up so fast and I need all the time and energy I can get so that I can do what is worthwhile. I can’t waste time. Second: I’m tired. At this point, paring down feels as neccessary as tossing ballast over the deck of a water-logged ship. I’ve heard too much stuff takes up our time. SO….this last week I went through my closet. I threw out or gave away anything that I didn’t absolutely need or love. I have two everyday jeans and three everyday shirts plus a hoodie to put on when I run to the store. One pair of tennis shoes. For going out…shopping, with girlfriends, with my husband, I have plenty.

Assessment: It truly is much faster getting dressed in the morning. I am more apt to hang my clothes up right away when I undress because there is an open space on the clothing rod. Paring down has also shown me what I truly need to buy–footwear and socks ūüôā So…I’ll probably save time in the store because I can buy with confidence.

Next Mission: My cosmetics.